About the Ruby Hill Post

Ruby Hill Post is a community news website for the residents of Ruby Hill. We provide coverage of news, opinion, arts and sports for the cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin and other nearby cities. The Ruby Hill Post is a non-partisan news organization dedicated to serving our communities with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Here are some things you might want to know about us.


The Ruby Hill Post publishes contributed articles and news.


The best way is through the online contact form. Please include your email when contacting us. If you have press releases, comments, complaints, etc., send them through the online contact form. We welcome press releases about matters of interest to our communities.

While we will do our best to use your submission, nothing is guaranteed and nothing will be returned.


Each post on the Ruby Hill Post carries an opportunity to comment. Those comments will be moderated by the staff. We invite your opinions but we will not post any that are slanderous, obscene, libelous, racist or personal attacks.


We intend to post daily – often several times a day – with our coverage. However, since the Ruby Hill Post is at least, in part, a labor of love, we will be taking breaks from time to time. Each hiatus will be announced ahead of time … we expect.


The Ruby Hill Post will accept a limited amount of paid advertising. Contact us through the online contact form.

We will not accept ads for businesses whose primary purpose is to sell alcohol, tobacco products, “adult” entertainment or goods, or firearms.

The Ruby Hill Post does not accept legal advertising. News sites are not yet able to do that. If you need to place a legal ad – fictitious business name, name change, etc. please contact respective business registration offices.


We are non-partisan. We do not make endorsements for election to public office, although we do reserve the right to make recommendations on ballot measures and other matters of community interest.